Lucky Me!

For years, although I have always believed in myself and my chosen career path, I have been under the scrutiny of those who believe somehow that I am “lucky” to do what I do. I am very fortunate, but that is by choice…
If “lucky” is working all hours of the night sometimes, not getting paid for months at a time, having a career that requires that my physical being is functional beyond what it wants to be at this age, a career that wreaks havoc on personal relationships due to the its demanding nature (did you read that 43.3 % of dancers/choreographers are bound to get divorced?…uh huh),
that I get to meet the most amazing people and develop friendships that last a lifetime, that I am surrounded by music and movement and art…AND I get to create it with other “lucky” dancers, choreographers, artists and thespians,and that the people who are in my life and I in theirs are open to everything…typically not close minded and are emotionally in touch…I LOVE that part!
Yes, then I guess I am lucky….But it’s all a choice…
But remember, the next time you say that to me, that you made a choice too…and you should also feel lucky every day…

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