You know, this life, it is unpredictable. It is ever changing. It is wise, sad, loving, challenging, difficult, ravaging, educational, unyeilding, and on and on. Yet, we perservere. We do. And we shall continue to do so. Unless we don’t. And that is the sadness. The weak link. And, we are human. And we are strong. And we are not strong. We are everything. And we are real. We are vulnerable.

Alright already with the silence thing!

So, we know it’s not PC to talk about…well, anything anymore. We can’t express our feelings about…well, anything anymore.

I guess we are all a blank slate unless we want to be/appear to be rebellious.

If you believe one way…you are racist, inhuman…unfeeling, too conservative! Imagine…

If you believe the other way, you might be described as “liberal” (god, forbid that!), crazy, uninformed.

It’s just too daunting to consume. I love my people, but they differ in so many ways.

I liked them before I was certain of their inclinations, so why should I discount them now?

I am so done. Done with all of it really…If you want to know what “all of it” is, message me.

We can talk…

Adios amig(os) (as)

It’s been real.

Real ridiculous.