Adios Amigo!


We’re all coming and going at some point…but you know, brazil-wcup-adios-amigosthe going is great!

Like expirations on the milk in your fridge, sometimes you just have to throw out that milk even though the carton is still almost full. You hate to because it seems like a waste. You bought the milk thinking you’d drink it all, but time passed, you were busy and you forgot about it and THEN, “Oh, No!!” , the damn thing expired. You could put it in some recipe, but then you say, when am I going to bake or cook  ANYTHING with old milk…and you know no one else will drink it…so out it goes…much like marriage.

Strange segue…but it is very fitting. Marriage, after a time, is like that milk. First of all, I really don’t like milk at all. (again a relevant comparison). You know you should dispense with it, but it feels like a waste. Especially if you’ve “had the milk a while”…say 28 years or so. There is just no salvaging milk that old and sour. So you decide to buy new milk. So refreshing! So new! It tastes like no other milk you’ve ever had before and you wonder, “why didn’t I realize how amazing milk is?!”…gets you to thinking, right?

As THEY say, don’t cry over spilled, old, sour, poured out milk.

The new carton is much better…

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  1. cfox61 · January 6, 2018

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    Still true…still relevant


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