Bourbon blog…yup!

You know, one day you realize that some things are just irrelevant. Like, whether it matters if someone actually gives a damn about what you choose to do. Most don’t. Some do. And, the “some” are either people who actually care, or the people who care because it’s something to “share” information about. Yea, I know you.

Well, let me tell you, tonight is bourbon night. Yep. And, it is good. It is such a glorious moment to be true to yourself. It is amazing to just be you. Like, it is the RIGHT thing to say NO, or make a decision, that at the time, seems selfish, but it is absolutely THE RIGHT CHOICE. Yes. and yet saying NO, because you get to. Because it is right. Because, oh, what the f’ing hell. Who cares?!!! We, as women, are often constipated in our ability to make bold choices for ourselves, and to make a stand. Do. It. Now.

I applaud you who are the heros of “the bourbon”, per se. The courage to upright yourself and stand firm, and strong. Do. It. Now.

My Manifesto

Just when I think I’ve finally got a clue about anything, I’m absolutely sure that I don’t.

I am sure,however, that I do have immense faith in the power of belief.

Intangibilities are not what we are taught to believe in. “What you see is what you get”.

ummm….Not always.

What you believe in is what you become, what you live and what others know about you.

It shows in your face and in your actions and in your emotions. It IS you.

So, here it is. I believe in me. I believe in miracles. I believe in what we can and can’t see.  I believe that if we have a strong enough faith in our principals and the people we surround ourselves with, that we can manifest great things.

Raise your glass to belief. Cheers!